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This is the #1 Decision You Will Make: Explode Your Business by MASTERING SOCIAL MEDIA! 

It’s time to build your direct sales business–online from home!
JOIN Our ‘Social Media Lifeline’ Community for a step-by-step guide to mastering your direct sales business online and so much more!

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Building a Successful Direct Sales Business Online is a 5-Step Process!

  • Build your Facebook Personal Page to 1,000 + Followers who are engaged, commenting and sharing your posts and watching your Facebook LIVES! Hundreds of our members have achieved this simply by following our Social Media Explosion Program.  We will help you!
  • Design a Virtual Party Format with Multiple Co-Hosts that Result in $2,000 – $3,000 events! We have it all figured out. We will guide you every step of the way!
  • Build a Facebook Community Group with 500 + members who LOVE your content and engage in your offers! We have your blueprint that will ensure extraordinary results! DONE
  • Create a Success Launch Formula that ensures your New Team Members & Existing Team Members get IMMEDIATE RESULTS! The system is waiting for you! Just say YES and we’ll lead you!
  • Design a STELLER On-Boarding Training Process for your Team Members to make MONEY online. An automated Social Media On-Boarding will SAVE you time and organically produce CONSISTENT PRODUCERS! It’s already mapped out for you! We will coach you around the process! Let’s do this!

You are invited to JOIN the Social Media Lifeline Community

How will the Social Media Lifeline Community & Curriculum GROW my Business? More than you can Imagine! Here are JUST a FEW of the Programs, Practices and Resources you’ll receive that will that will EXPLODE your BIZ!

  • How to launch–or re-launch–your group with MASSIVE NEW MEMBERS! You’ll receive our step-by-step ‘Community Launch Formula’ that will ensure many new members join your community! How to launch–or re-launch–your group with MASSIVE NEW MEMBERS! You’ll receive our step-by-step ‘Community Launch Formula’ that will ensure many new members join your community!
  • An entire ROADMAP on how to create your ideal Facebook Party for one host or a Multiple Hostess Event that gets results! High sales, multiple new hostesses, and new team members!
  • Daily tips and weekly challenges that get you to your IDEAL outcome.
  • The single most important decision you MUST make in order to engage your host’s guests to attend your Facebook Party. You’ll receive our step-by-step “Guest Connection Format” that will EXPLODE your Facebook Party attendance!
  • Weekly Group Coaching Program! We coach our members from PROBLEMS to SOLUTIONS! You will learn from other members that have CRUSHED their Facebook Parties & Online Community during our Group Coaching Sessions in the Social Media Lifeline Community!
  • You’ll receive our ‘Invitation Launch Bash’ Program on how to invite everyone to your Launch Celebration–i.e., online happy mail system script, contests that keep your community excited, and SO MUCH MORE!
  • You’ll get our step-by-step plan on how to keep your community engaged! YES! You’ll receive suggested posts for your community that will get engagement, shares and likes! More importantly we will coach and train you how to create your own ideal posts from several resources that will make it easy!
  • Guidance with the training and exercises offered in the courses, ‘Your Ultimate Roadmap to Facebook Parties that Convert’ and ‘Social Media Communities that Work!’
  • You’ll get our ‘BFF Connection Program’ on how to make your members feel special, valued, and appreciated. When people feel valued, they will WANT to engage in your offers!
  • Weekly Facebook Live Training and Q&A! Any question goes! This is how you will learn our Curriculum over the next 6 months.
  • You’ll learn our entire program for coaching virtual hosts. ‘Coaching Hostesses to Rock Star Virtual Parties! This program is PARAMOUNT for building a strong connection with your hosts! This will diminish cancellations, rescheduled parties and set the pace for EXTREME HIGH Virtual Party $ALES!
  • ‘It’s a PARTY and THEY ARE INVITED!’ The secret behind a Customer Community that WORKS is that it feels like a party! We will train you around our, ‘It’s a PARTY and THEY ARE INVITED’ map that will spell it out A-Z!
  • Our step by step program on how to create your FLASH SALE! The SECRET to CONVERSION is to give VALUE, VALUE & MORE VALUE and then once or twice a year have a fun THEME like ‘Christmas in July Flash Sale’ or ‘Black Friday Flash Sale’ that engages your members to say “YES! EXPECT HUGE HUGE SALES!
  • Not All Posts Are Created Equal. You’ll receive templates that will create engagement, participation, and RESULTS! This alone will increase your profits and sales!
  • How to brand yourself for trust and credibility! The #1 reason Direct Sellers fail in Social Media.
  • The MUSTS of Social Media etiquette! The inside strategies of Direct Sellers that constantly sell tons of product online. When you learn this you’ll attract more business than you can even fathom.
  • OUR AMAZING OVER TOP simple follow up tips on how to rev up sales, new hostesses, and new team members AFTER THE PARTY IS OVER!

This is just a PART of what you’ll gain! It’s a process and will be a fun journey that leads you to MASTERY!

The greatest gift you give us is SUCCESS! We want your life and business to THRIVE!

Leverage your time and energy by receiving guidance from Lifeline’s Social Media Strategists Mandy Mitchell & Michelle Jones!


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