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Platinum Membership Coaching Benefits:

The benefits and privileges of the Million Protégé Leadership Program, PLUS…

All Platinum Members receive 12 (once monthly for a year) 40-minute coaching sessions
with their personally selected Lifeline Executive Platinum Coach during their one-year membership.

One Year Coaching Program $4,200 Value
Lifetime Protege Membership Program $12,209 value
Over $16,500 value

12 Payments of $397

1 Payment of $4,367


Platinum Plus Membership Coaching Benefits:

The benefits and privileges of the Million Protégé Leadership Program, PLUS…

All Platinum Plus Members receive 24 (twice monthly for a year) 40-minute coaching sessions
with their personally selected Lifeline Executive Platinum Coach during their one-year membership.

Three complimentary Protege Gold Program membership to gift to your team or use as incentives
($2,412 value)

One Year Coaching Program $8,400 Value
Lifetime Protege Membership Program $12,209 value
Plus $2,400 in bonuses
Over $22,500 value

12 Payments of $497

1 Payment of $5,467



Platinum, Platinum Plus & Diamond

A customized one-year Coaching Program with a Lifeline Success Coach & Strategist.
Platinum membership:
$4,200 value
Platinum Plus membership:
$8,400 value
Diamond membership:
$13,800 value

Your own personal account in the state-of-the-art Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Library. $95 value

Eleven Leadership and Personal Development Curriculums that incorporate audio, video and clear action plans to ensure optimum results. $6,445 value

A group recorded interview with Protégé Members on all eleven Curriculums that will support you in deepening the understanding and implementation of each Curriculum. $1,095 value

A bi-monthly group coaching and question forum with Direct Sales expert, Steve Q. Wiltshire or a Lifeline Executive Coach. $1,195 value

Unlimited access to a Protégé Gold Library during your fifteen month membership. The Gold Library is your ideal program to creating extraordinary training and resources to develop strong personal producers. $804 value

Complimentary membership to Lifeline’s Direct Sales University. The University contains recordings and documents on how to build a strong personal business. $149/yr. value

An online community campus to interact with other Protégé Members. $195/yr. value

Transcripts of all eleven Leadership and Personal Development Curriculums. $1,295 value

Supporting documents, marketing blueprints and tools for all of the curriculum trainings. $295 value

Complimentary Resource Library with training links and downloadable transcripts for you to share with your team. $495 value

Booking, Recruiting and Leadership Development campaigns to increase sales, recruiting and leadership promotions on your team. $295 value


  Left to right: Rama Yaffe · Lynn Wiltshire · Deb Leightner · Beth Reed · Kelly Van Balkom · Theresa Proctor · Shannon Grant · Jessica Andersen



Eleven online ecourses available 24/7 to take at your own pace.

Choice Management: Taking Charge of your Life, Time and Business
A complete curriculum on every aspect of time management, leadership priorities, identifying healthy boundaries and how to stay focused on income producing activities! $495 value

A New Approach to Leadership: Mentoring Your Way to Success

A complete curriculum on how to successfully coach and mentor your team; Steve has created a mentoring program exclusively for his Protégé Members inspired by Thomas Leonard, the ‘grandfather of coaching.’ You will learn how to create an ideal individual and group mentoring program that will substantially increase your profits and promotions on your team.  $795 Value

The Retention Factor: Designing Your Ideal ‘Basic Training’ Program

90% of the representatives in your organization ONLY need to focus on the basics, nothing else. You’ll receive Steve’s complete program on how to design an ideal basic training program, combining ideal resources. This one activity will greatly increase your new rep sales, jumpstart your inactive reps, leverage your leader’s time and create retention on your team. $695 value

Exploding Your Group Recruiting Over the Top

You’ll receive an entire curriculum on how to design extraordinary Opportunity Events, Facebook Opportunity Events and unique Opportunity Conference Calls that will EXPLODE your recruiting results. $695 value

Living a Life of Self Esteem: Your Road Map to True Fulfillment

Through this curriculum, you’ll learn how to diminish beliefs that have sabotaged your success and learn how to create a life of vitality and empowered choice. $395 value

Designing a Life & Business Plan

During your participation in the Protégé Leadership Program, you will design a business plan and life plan that will keep you laser focused on your professional and personal objectives. $495 value

How to Make Big Money Developing a Strong Organization in Your Local Community

You’ll learn how to build a thriving, strong local organization and why you’ll be highly respected by your leaders in outlying areas. $495 value

Secrets of Well Attended Events that Make Your Reps Money

You’ll have full access to Steve’s cutting-edge program on how to increase your attendance for live events, conference calls and Facebook events. $495 value

Secrets of The Million Dollar Developer

Steve’s 4-part curriculum on how to become a master at developing leaders will bring you greater results than any other curriculum in the Protégé Leadership Program. You’ll receive Steve’s entire blueprint on how to create a leadership development course that will create consistent promotions on your team. $1,095 value

Leveraging Your Time & Energy through Technology, Experts & and Building Your Success Team

Through this curriculum you’ll learn many important aspects of social media and how to create a customized online library of resources for your team that will propel your business forward and save you time. $395 value

The Inner Game Strategies of Empowering Leadership

The Inner Game Strategies of Empowering Leadership curriculum is an in-depth study of how leaders build huge organizations, fulfilling lives and impact the people around them. $395 value.

Curriculums available 24/7, 365 days per year.
The Protege Leadership on line library, curriculums, and live events are recorded and available 24/7 for your convenience.  Your lifetime membership offers you unlimited access to the library, new curriculums and updated curriculums for the life.

My business model is strong and I have positioned myself for expansive growth.

LisaDiazHdshot-e1399514024642As a business owner of a Direct Sales company I was looking for a program that would both support my infrastructure and field development. I have experienced tremendous growth both personally and professionally from participating in the Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Program. The coaching and guidance from Steve has been the key to helping me keep a healthy work/life balance.

Through implementing key activities learned via the MDPP, I have been able to leverage my time, train and coach key stylists and develop leaders. My greatest accomplishments have been launching a mentoring program for leaders and team members and I have evolved my coaching and communication skills, which has improved all my relationships.

~Lisa Diaz

I’ve earned two all expense paid trips, promoted to Senior Team Leader and was recognized as the #2 recruiter with my company!

CyndiJackson-e1399514070676The Protégé Leadership Program has been life changing and I’ve evolved in all aspects of my life, especially as a leader. The Protégé Program provided me with the training and resources to mentor my team members, build my personal business and leverage my time. By far the greatest part of the Program has been coaching with Rama Yaffe. Our coaching calls have been the vehicle to pull it all together.

~Cyndi Jackson

My team has grown from 1,200 to 1,800 and I have promoted to the highest position in my company!

TereseCiaccio-e1399513851227Through the Protégé Leadership Program and coaching with Steve, I’ve evolved my thinking, leveraged my time and created a strong foundation that is gaining huge momentum in my organization.

I have learned to focus on what I can control and detach from the outcome while creating greater balance in my life. The resources and curriculums in the Protégé Program have been incredibly valuable.

~Terese Ciaccio