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Launching Your Greatest Holiday & New Year Ever Ecourse

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Lifetime Access to the “Launching Your Greatest Holiday & New Year Ever” Course Library Site.

Three recorded trainings plus December bonus training to launch your new year!

All Steve’s scripts, tools, certificates, specific assignments and inspiration to keep you on track.

Launching Your Greatest Holiday & New Year Ever Course

Launching Your Greatest Holiday And New Year Ever E-Course
Regularly $397

Course Only $67– Register NOW and save $330!

Here is a SNAPSHOT of what you’ll receive from our “Launching Your Greatest Holiday & New Year Course.”  I’ll coach you every step of the way! 

I’ll coach and train you how to create your Holiday Pay- It- Forward Campaign.  It gives you the perfect reason to connect with others about a cause to give back instead of an agenda that’s about you, your business and your product.  You’ll have so much fun connecting with friends, previous hostess and everyone in your “circle of influence” about your cause.
Most representatives report that they experience little success with catalog parties, however if you have a Pay-It-Forward Campaign you’ll notice that most everyone you ask will be willing to show around the catalog to receive free shopping and support your Pay-It-Forward Campaign.  This alone could bring you up to $10,000 of additional Holiday Sales.
How to host two Holiday Celebration parties scheduled for the first two weeks of December. The name of this game is conversations, conversations and more conversations.  You won’t believe the impact this will have on your December business.
How to engage two hostesses to host a Holiday Celebration Luncheon or Holiday Happy Hour Party at work.  Last year I had hundreds of Gold Members in my program that had $5K+ holiday office parties for hostesses who work with several employees.  You’ll receive my entire program, “Huge Holiday Office Parties that Yield $5,000+ in Sales.”
Simple Secrets to creating extraordinary Holiday theme parties with exclusive drawings and a holiday table with special offers & pricing, complimentary gift wrapping, complimentary cards and holiday incentives that ensure extreme Holiday Sales.
Do you have unique holiday invitations? You will after I get through with you.  I’ll show you how to create unique holiday invitations, with a picture of you and your hostess on the invitation.  This simple idea will set you apart from 90% of the reps in our industry that settle for the salesy postcard invitations.  It will increase your attendance more that you can believe.
I can’t wait to share my unique Holiday hostess coaching program that will ensure you have your ideal number of live & virtual parties with strong attendances and high sales! I’ll train you how to create an experience for your January hostesses in December that will move, touch and inspire them to want to hold their January party.  It’s all about creating a Holiday experience for your New Year Hostesses in December that blows them away.  You won’t question whether your January hostesses will hold their parties

“The fact is that you have a lot of competition with Holiday parties, Holiday shopping, Holiday School events, Decorating etc.  Average just isn’t cutting it anymore! When you put out average, average circulates back to you and in this case it may be a call from your hostess saying “I’m so sorry, everyone is too busy and I’m going to have to cancel my party for December.”  The answer is to create an extraordinary live and or virtual party experience, extraordinary pay-it-forward campaign, extraordinary offers and a follow up program second to none that guarantees results.”

~Steve Q. Wiltshire

Steve Wiltshire is the founder of Lifeline Coaching and Education ( His passion is coaching and training leaders how to impact lives, develop others to their full potential, and build a thriving business. Steve is best known for his Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Program that has impacted the lives of thousands of leaders from around the globe.

Steve is a Life Coach, Author and Success Trainer and interviews many influential direct sales/network marketing leaders on his podcast, “The Leadership Lifeline” online radio show. Steve has over 80,000 followers, has written over a hundred curriculums and has conducted hundreds of seminars and given keynote messages at many conventions and leadership conferences. Steve contributes his success to the amazing team and coaches that partner together at Lifeline Coaching and Education in service of their mission.