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Protege Gold Membership

Million Dollar Protégé

Gold Program


The ideal program for Direct Sellers to explode their personal business, recruiting, income and leverage life & business!

Build your personal business and unlock your potential with Lifeline’s greatest resources at an AMAZING price– 12 month membership or lifetime membership… YOUR CHOICE!

The only Direct Sales Program of its kind that combines coaching and training with a strategic plan to build your business, increase your income and maintain balance personally and professionally!

9 Instant Access Training Courses $2,900 value – 9 incredible courses with audio & video training, tools, scripts and fully transcribed to take your live and virtual business to the next level. 

Personal Access to Lifeline’s Protégé Library $297 value – You’ll receive your personal username and password for direct access to Steve’s online library and community.

Team Resource Learning Library $1,500 value – 50+ of Steve’s TOP video trainings to share and coach your team to success!

Q&A Coaching With Steve Wiltshire $1,200 value – Live group coaching with Steve every month to explode your business and stay on task.

Private Community $195 value – Connect with our Gold Members, Steve and  our Gold Coaches in our Private Facebook Community.

Direct Sales University $149 value – An added bonus University for the TOP OF THE CLASS learner that wants it all.

Total Value Over $6,000
Join today at up to 95% off!

12 month membership:
4 payments of $57

OR 1 payment of $297 NOW $197
(or 2 payments of $98.50)

Lifetime Membership
1 payment of $397 now $297
(or 2 payments of $148.50)


OR 4 payments of $79

 I was one out of 150 in my company to earn a top level incentive trip to St. Thomas and one of 75 companywide to earn the Annual Consistency Award!

Michelle Gianavolla Protege Gold MemberThe philosophy in the Protégé Gold Program has evolved my own philosophy regarding abundance, service, how I spoil my hostesses and guests, and it’s simplified my processes. 

I went from bookings 3 parties on an average per month to booking a minimum of two hostesses per week.  My sales increased from around $400 per month to over $3,000 per month and I am now consistently recruiting 2-3 new team members every month.  Through the courses I have built in systems that have increased my customer orders, party sales and decreased my cancellations. 

I’ve learned how to leverage my time and create duplicatable processes while giving everyone an extraordinary experience. I didn’t expect to meet so many people in the Protege Gold Community who I could bounce ideas off of and who would give me honest feedback.  The Protege Gold Program has been an amazing investment in my life and business!

Michelle Giannavola,
Perfectly Posh Pink 3 Independent Consultant

What ideal outcome will you accomplish through your participation in the Million Dollar Protégé Gold Program?

  • You will launch or re-launch your business with your ideal number of live parties, virtual parties or one-on-one appointments and learn a system on how to generate future business from your events. The greatest frustration for Direct Sellers is constantly finding new customers, hostesses and team members.  Through Steve’s course “Exploding Your Personal Business Over the Top” you will receive a step by step blueprint for keep your calendar full with your ideal events!
  • You will learn how to create an extraordinary live and virtual party experience that converts to high-end sales, future hostesses and re-orders!
  • You will create a stellar follow up sequence for customers, hostesses and leads that will CAPTURE THEIR ATTENTION, develop relationships and convert to sales, new hostesses and team members!
  • You will learn how to create a coaching process for your live and virtual hostesses that diminish cancelations, rescheduled parties and increases your live and virtual party guest attendance!
  • You will learn how to create interest online, at your live parties and through venues that engage others do a conversation about your business opportunity and explode your personal sponsoring!
  • You will learn how to create a Pay-It-Forward campaign to give back during the Holiday Selling Season to ensure that your November and December are your two highest personal sales months of the year.  Through Steve’s course, Launching Your Greatest Holiday and New Year Ever, you will learn how to generate 50% of your sales outside of the party experience through your Pay-It-Forward Campaign!  
  • How self-esteem affects you, your business, relationship, health and finances.  You learn a step-by-step blueprint on how to transform your life and amplify your VITALITY!

How will Steve & his team support me in achieving my ideal outcome?

Your LIFETIME membership gives you full access to our entire library, community and group coaching recordings 24/7! We’ve designed the Protege Gold Program around your schedule.

The program encompasses ready-made, self-paced course trainings, and live interactive events. Any ‘live’ offering is also recorded and made available for you to listen at your convenience.

Through our interactive community, Q&A Group Coaching and Mastermind Programs we will coach and guide you how to take action and achieve your ideal outcome!


Protégé Gold Clients

My business is thriving! I’m now earning trips, awards and my income has exploded.

Vicky McLellan, Protege Gold MemberSteve Wiltshire’s Gold Program has guided me in ways I never thought possible. The Gold Program Courses have taken my business to an entirely new level. I’ve learned to take the focus off me and my results and turn it towards being in service of others. I’ve become highly focused on creating extraordinary experiences for my customers, hostesses, and teammates and how I serve in my community. I’ve also become acutely aware of what I can control; my thinking, my attitude and my choices and detach from anything out of my control. When I’m “dialed in” to Steve’s courses and follow his blueprint my business continually grows. I’m earning trips, awards and my income is over the top.

Thank you for your servant heart, Steve!

~Vicky McLellan, Gold Member

The Gold Program has opened my mind to new ways of thinking that will forever alter my business habits and personal relationships.

KarenRoweI expected to see a change in my business through the training in the Gold Program. What I didn’t expect was for my life to change as well. The words that Steve uses are targeted in such a way as to have an effect that transforms not only your actions but your spirit as well. His courses have opened my eyes and allowed me to creatively design practices that work and work well and change what hasn’t worked in the past. I’ve learned how to listen intently to the needs of others and this has allowed me to approach others in a way that engages them to possibility.

Through my participation in the Gold Program I’ve shifted how I think, which will forever alter my business habits and personal relationships. Most importantly, the training has opened my heart so I come from a place of “genuineness” when I interact with people. Change your business. Change your life. Start the program!

~Karen Rowe, Gold Member

After starting the Protégé Gold Program, I grew my team from 1 recruit to 23!

TiaCappieWhen I started the Gold Program about a year ago, I was 6 months into my new career, and my only “recruit” was my sister! I signed up for the Gold Program and started coaching with Rama Yaffe and both programs were worth EVERY PENNY!!! Combining the things I’ve learned from the program and my coaching, I now have 23 people on my team. At our Zone Rally in February, I was recognized as the top selling advisor in the entire zone! AND I’ve earned a trip for two to the fabulous Aria Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, along with $1000 spending money…the top level of earnings for the trip.

This isn’t about me earning money or trips or awards; being blessed and being able to share that blessing with others is the richest experience of a lifetime.

~Cappie McBeth, Gold Member

Tell me more about the 9 Gold Program Courses

You will receive nine online self-paced ecourses to build your ideal business, increase your income, leverage your time and live an empowering life! $2,900 value


Exploding Your Personal Business Over the Top
A campaign on how to add parties to your calendar, how to create an extraordinary party experience and follow up. $397 value.

Choice Management: Taking Back Your Life, Time & Business
Time management systems, prioritizing, vision, leveraging your time and diminishing distractions. $297 value.

Partnering With Your Hostess: How One Hostess Can Lead You to Hundreds
Diminishing cancellations & rescheduled parties, increasing sales, all aspects of hostess coaching. $297 value.

Launching Your Greatest Holiday & New Year Ever
How to create a campaign to increase sales during November & December and Launch the New Year with a full calendar of parties. $397 value.

30-Day Recruiting Mastery Boot Camp
All aspects of sharing the business opportunity (how to create interest, invite, interview, train and launch new representatives). $397 value.


Designing a Life & Business Plan
A step by step process for clarifying a personal or professional intention and creating a thorough action plan to attain it. $297 value.

Rev Up Your Sales & Recruiting through Facebook Parties, Facebook Opportunity Events and Social Media Secrets
How to facilitate a Facebook party, Facebook opportunity events and all aspects of how to build a strong personal business through social media. $297 value.

Launching the New Year With an Ideal Personal Business and Income
How to jump start your business and add parties to your calendar. $297 value.

Living a Life of Self Esteem
How self-esteem affects you, your business, relationship, health and finances.  You learn a step-by-step blueprint on how to transform your life and amplify your VITALITY! $297 value.

Protégé Gold Membership

Total Value Over $6,000
Join today at up to 95% off!

12 month membership:

4 payments of $57

OR 1 payment of $297 NOW $197
(or 2 payments of $98.50)

Lifetime Membership

1 payment of $397 now $297
(or 2 payments of $148.50)


OR 4 payments of $79

Protégé Gold Clients Speak:

After becoming a Gold Member, EVERYTHING in my life has changed!

LaurieShannonWhen I joined the Gold Program, everything in my life changed. I now take the time to get to know my guests and hostesses.  I am no longer caught up in numbers, I focus on relationships and I have become extremely confident at sharing my business opportunity. 

My sales and my bookings have increased and four of my recent recruits actually approached me about my opportunity. I have been asked to speak at meetings to share my successes.  I definitely feel empowered and it all started with my “ah ha” moment when Steve said to create an extraordinary experience. Wow! Thank you for that!

~Laurie Shannon, Gold Member

Within the first four months of 2015, I surpassed my entire team building numbers in 2014!

MandyMitchellWithin four months of starting the Protégé Gold Program, my business quadrupled. I nearly surpassed my sales from the entire previous year promoted two levels within my company and my team building numbers quadrupled!

Every facet of my life has been tremendously impacted by everything I have learned in the Gold Program. I am able to spend more quality time with my family, focusing on connecting with each other and creating lasting memories. I have gained more confidence in leading my team and creating the ultimate party experience. This has greatly impacted my business, resulting in much stronger connections with my team members, hostesses and customers alike!
~Mandy Mitchell, Senior Director
Gold Member

The Gold Program put me at the top sales in my company!

InzaDuchiAfter joining the Gold Program, my sales have skyrocketed! I was top in sales in my company for February and March of this year! I love the tips and training at my fingertips. No more recreating the wheel!

I definitely feel more empowered to be a leader knowing that Steve’s training will continue to improve my life and business. I now have confidence that I can DO THIS! My company is growing quickly and I’m very dedicated to empowering my team to grow as well. So exciting!

~Inza Duchi, Gold Member

I have tripled my sales over last year and have quadrupled my team!

KarrieWingLifeline’s Protégé Gold Program has really resonated with me, allowing me to reach milestones in my business even while going through the most trying times in my family’s lives.

By April of this year, after implementing just a few things I have learned, I tripled my sales of the previous year ($1638 vs. $5379) and quadrupled my team! The Gold Program has helped me be more focused, gain confidence and be more comfortable in my own skin. I feel empowered to know that I can do this! I am creating recruiting events and have even partnered with one of my up line to hold me accountable.

The Gold Program has made all the difference in my approach and attitude with my life and business.

~Karrie Wing, Gold Member



The Million Dollar Leadership Protégé Program is the only Direct Sales/Network Marketing Leadership Program of its kind uniting purpose, mission, and self-discovery; along with a strategic plan to build a million dollar business and million dollar producers. Each member has access to a state-of-art, interactive online learning center with eleven leadership curriculums, resources, campaigns to increase sales, recruiting, leadership development and personal sales courses.

Click here to view the Leadership Level benefits