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Maximize your holiday sales and begin the New Year
with a full calendar of parties, launch parties and job security!

Imagine Extreme Holiday Sales
in November & December!

Download the FREE Blueprint Now!

Download my blueprint to an EXTRAORDINARY Holiday Pay-It-Forward Campaign! You will learn how to create a campaign to give back that will explode your holiday sales!

Plus Bonus Video Training

“Extreme Holiday Sales”

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Extreme Holiday Sales

Instant Access Video Training

I will SHOW you how to create your
“Holiday Pay-It-Forward Campaign”

You’ll have a blast checking in with friends, previous hostesses and everyone in your circle of influence about your “Pay-It-Forward Campaign” and your cause!

Guess what? You’ll attract more abundance for yourself and everyone involved!

Steve Q. Wiltshire is the founder of Lifeline Coaching & Education.

Steve’s passion is coaching and training direct sales professionals how to impact lives, develop others to their full potential, and build a thriving business. Steve is best known for his Million Dollar Protégé Program that has impacted the lives of thousands of direct sales professionals around the globe.

The Million Dollar Protege Gold program is a premier online membership program for direct sales professionals who want consistently high sales, high personal recruiting, huge results and more time for what matters. Build your personal business and unlock your potential with Lifeline’s best resources.

Steve’s Gold Protégé Gold Clients Speak:

The Gold Program put me at the top sales in my company!

InzaDuchiAfter joining the Gold Program, my sales have skyrocketed! I was top in sales in my company for February and March of this year! I love the tips and training at my fingertips. No more recreating the wheel!

I definitely feel more empowered to be a leader knowing that Steve’s training will continue to improve my life and business. I now have confidence that I can DO THIS! My company is growing quickly and I’m very dedicated to empowering my team to grow as well. So exciting!

~Inza Duchi, Gold Member

After becoming a Gold Member, EVERYTHING in my life has changed!

LaurieShannonWhen I joined the Gold Program, everything in my life changed. I now take the time to get to know my guests and hostesses.  I am no longer caught up in numbers, I focus on relationships and I have become extremely confident at sharing my business opportunity. 

My sales and my bookings have increased and four of my recent recruits actually approached me about my opportunity. I have been asked to speak at meetings to share my successes.  I definitely feel empowered and it all started with my “ah ha” moment when Steve said to create an extraordinary experience. Wow! Thank you for that!

~Laurie Shannon, Gold Member

Within the first four months of 2015, I surpassed my entire team building numbers in 2014!

MandyMitchellWithin four months of starting the Protégé Gold Program, my business quadrupled. I nearly surpassed my sales from the entire previous year promoted two levels within my company and my team building numbers quadrupled!

Every facet of my life has been tremendously impacted by everything I have learned in the Gold Program. I am able to spend more quality time with my family, focusing on connecting with each other and creating lasting memories. I have gained more confidence in leading my team and creating the ultimate party experience. This has greatly impacted my business, resulting in much stronger connections with my team members, hostesses and customers alike!
~Mandy Mitchell, Senior Director
Gold Member

I have tripled my sales over last year and have quadrupled my team!

KarrieWingLifeline’s Protégé Gold Program has really resonated with me, allowing me to reach milestones in my business even while going through the most trying times in my family’s lives.

By April of this year, after implementing just a few things I have learned, I tripled my sales of the previous year ($1638 vs. $5379) and quadrupled my team! The Gold Program has helped me be more focused, gain confidence and be more comfortable in my own skin. I feel empowered to know that I can do this! I am creating recruiting events and have even partnered with one of my up line to hold me accountable.

The Gold Program has made all the difference in my approach and attitude with my life and business.

~Karrie Wing, Gold Member

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Your privacy is important to us, your information will never be shared or sold. Click here for our Privacy Policy.