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Your Step-by-Step Course on how to Create
Facebook Parties 
that increase your profits
and leverage your time.

With Social Media Strategists & Success Trainers
Beth Reed & Kelly Van Balkom

We want you to have this

because it’s the BEST PROGRAM for our industry on how to design an EXTRAORDINARY 8-Day Facebook Party or Live Facebook Party that will generate high sales and future Facebook hostesses! Plus 7 additional BONUS trainings!

The fact is most Facebook Parties are flat, have minimal results, and don’t convert to future hostesses! This program will save you time, energy, and provide the exact road map to design your STELLAR Facebook Party!

Our Social Media Strategists, Beth Reed & Kelly Van Balkom, walk their talk! They’ve built multi-million dollar organizations coaching and training team members, and now thousands of Direct Sellers how to create their successful online business.  NOW they bring you the greatest Facebook Party Course for high-end Facebook Parties that get results!

No generic process with this course.  You’ll receive the step-by-step blueprint for creating ideal high-end Facebook Parties plus how to coach your hostess and even build relationships with guest (new friends) after the Facebook Party is over.

The fact is Kelly and Beth have already learned from all their challenges, mastered their own process and have figured out exactly what you need to turn your Facebook Parties into a cash machine! This is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to pass up!

~ Steve Wiltshire

What outcome can you expect to receive

through your participation in our course?

An entire ROADMAP on how to create your ideal 8-day Facebook Party and live Facebook Party that gets results! High sales, multiple new hostesses, and new team members!
The single most important decision you MUST make in order to engage your host’s guests to attend your Facebook Party.  You’ll receive their step-by-step “Guest Connection Format” that will EXPLODE your attendance!  
An entire program for coaching Facebook hosts that builds a strong connection with you and your host! This bonus program will diminish cancellations, rescheduled Facebook Parties and set the pace for EXTREME HIGH Facebook Party $ALES! 
Not All Posts Are Created Equal.  You’ll receive bonus templates that will create engagement, participation, and RESULTS! This alone will increase your profits and sales!
How to brand yourself for trust and credibility! The #1 reason Direct Sellers fail in Social Media.
The MUSTS of Social Media etiquette! The inside strategies of Direct Sellers that constantly sell tons of product online.  When you learn this you’ll attract more business than you can even fathom. 
Kelly’s AMAZING OVER TOP simple follow up tips on how to rev up sales, new hostesses, and new team members AFTER THE PARTY IS OVER!

Lifetime Access to the Course Library

9-part audio training
Clear, concise assignments to ensure your success!

Private Facebook Group

Option 1 – Course Only

$497 Value

Only $97 NOW

Option 2 – Course Plus

2-Part Social Media Strategy Session with Beth or Kelly

$997 Value

Only $247 NOW

Beth and Kelly have built multi-million dollar Direct Sales organizations through live and virtual events, online social sharing, and have developed numerous team members to prestigious leadership positions!

They now coach and train thousands in the Direct Sales Industry how to create their ideal online business! How do Beth and Kelly differentiate from most coaches and trainers? They’ve done it themselves–and they train what they’ve done successfully!

Beth Reed

Beth has combined her corporate design and technology background with her love for helping women succeed.

Beth is passionate about helping women see that they can have more, do more–and even BE more–through direct sales.

Kelly Van Balkom

Kelly is Social Media Strategist, Life Coach and Success Trainer.

Kelly’s passion is helping women reach their full potential and have the life they always dreamed of.

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