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The Million Dollar Leadership Protégé Elite Program is the only Direct Sales/Network Marketing Leadership Program of its kind uniting purpose, mission, and self-discovery; along with a strategic plan to build a million dollar business and million dollar producers.

Each member has Lifetime access to a state-of-the-art, interactive online learning center with eleven leadership curriculums, resources, campaigns to increase sales, recruiting, leadership development and personal sales courses. By far the greatest advantage of the Protégé Leadership Elite Program is having your own personal Executive coach to navigate your process, celebrate your successes and anchor your  commitment to achieve your personal and professional vision.

Elite Membership Benefits:

One year access to Steve Wiltshire’s Private Protégé Leadership Mastermind Group.

All Elite members have the opportunity to join the Protégé Senior Elite and Ambassador Members for one monthly Private Mastermind Call with Steve Wiltshire for one year.

Through your participation in the Protégé Mastermind Group you will evolve your leadership skills through group coaching with Steve. The Private Protégé Leadership Mastermind is by far the most advanced activity offered in the Protégé Leadership Program. $4,800 value


Lifetime Access to the Protégé Leadership Program

All Elite Members will receive unlimited lifetime access to the Protégé Leadership Program including weekly group coaching, updated curriculums, new curriculums and access to the Protégé Gold Program,


All Elite Members receive 12 (once monthly for a year) 40-minute coaching sessions with your current coach. $3,000 value

Three complimentary Protégé Gold Memberships to gift to their team or use for incentives ($2,400 value)

12 Payments of $197

CLICK HERE for the Terms & Conditions of the Elite Protégé Program