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Diamond Membership Coaching Benefits:

The benefits and privileges of the Million Protégé Leadership Program, PLUS…

All Diamond Members receive 24 (twice monthly for a year) 40-minute coaching sessions
with Steve Q. Wiltshire during their one-year membership.

Five complimentary Protégé Gold Memberships to gift to their team or use for incentives ($4,020 Value)

An initial 60 minute Life & Vision Foundation Strategy Session with Steve Q. Wiltshire ($500 Value)

One Year Coaching Program $13,800 value
Lifetime Protege Membership Program $12,209 value
Plus $4,500 in bonuses
Over $30,500 Value

12 Payments of $997

1 Payment of $10,967

My organization is on FIRE! We’ve developed 17 Directors, I earned my highest monthly commission check of $32,000 and generated $8.7 million in group sales in 2013!

CherieRodriguez-125x150The Protégé Program and coaching with Steve Wiltshire has truly been a transformational experience for me personally as well as professionally–I now have an incredible business model. I am completely intentional with my time, tasks and projects! I have become a trailblazer and no longer question myself. I make decisions that honor my personal and professional intentions and values. If it is not in alignment with my core values or goals, I don’t participate in it. }

Personally, I have given myself permission to “just be.” I will achieve my goals when I am ready to put the pieces in place to make it happen. I no longer compare myself to others. I have learned that my greatest inspiration is to empower others to live their greatness.

~Cherie Rodriguez

Our organization has grown to 35,000 and we are generating in between $10-$15 million dollars in retail sales a month!

HeidiRussell-e1399504125254Our company and team have experienced explosive growth over the last year. Through the growth of my organization, Steve has enabled me to keep on track and focus on my priorities and team training systems. Through the Protégé Leadership Program and Steve’s coaching, we have been able to laser focus on our designer’s personal business systems and leadership development. During our leadership summit I witnessed the transformation and renewed vision with our leadership team.

Steve is not only an amazing business coach but has such a gentle spirit to help his clients through whatever LIFE challenges they might be experiencing.

~Heidi Russell

I love life by my own GPS: Goals, Purpose and Systems.

JessiePitoI remember sitting in the audience at the Million Dollar Protégé Leadership Retreat a few years ago. I was awestruck by each speaker. I was amazed as they shared their growth personally and professionally. My business was definitely coasting and I knew I was ready to take my life and business to a new level. This is my second year through the Protégé Program. My first year I implemented every curriculum in the Million Dollar Protégé Program and my business exploded. The program impacted my business and life beyond my expectations so I decided to join the Elite Program last year.

This year has been a year of tremendous growth for me personally and professionally. Our group sales and recruiting has built serious momentum and my leader’s teams are growing consistently in outlying areas. I’ve become a master at fine tuning systems and creating extraordinary activities. I work smarter, leverage my time and have much more joy and fulfillment in all areas of my life. I’m soaring in every area of my life. My health is ideal and my relationships are meaningful. I feel so conscious about all my decisions and it’s almost as if I have an answer for everything coming my way. I’ve never felt so sure about myself, my life and who I am.

~Jessie Pito